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The 65th Infantry Division is recognized as a liberating group. As such, they have been honored for their role in liberating concentration camps.

Visit our page dedicated to these concentration camp plaques.

The 65th Infantry Division has been honored with some very special memorials and plaques. 

Visit our page dedicated to these memorials.

We salute those who earned special honors...Visit our pagededicated to these honorees.



Families, please share the news when one of the 65th Infantry Division veterans passes, so that we may share the news among other veterans.

We request that you send the notification no later than two months after death for a parchment (condolences). Otherwise, please notify via the Halbert or our Facebook page.

65th Division Battle Deaths by Organization

                      ~Killed in Action (KIA) and Died of Wounds (DOW)

The 65th Infantry Division has certainly earned the "Right to Be Proud" as is exemplified by the recognition of achievements with our memorials and honorees. We are proud to showcase many of these on our website, and will continue to add pictures and information as they become available.

For now, please follow the links below to view those we have managed to include so far:

Remembrances and Farewells