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Electronic Membership and Halbert Magazine Donation Form

You can now submit your membership payments and Halbert donations online. 

Don't worry, though, if you prefer to pay by check and mail the form, you can access it by CLICKING HERE...

Membership dues for January 1 through December 31, 2019 are due now.

The form below is for internal use only. The Treasurer and 65th Infantry Division Archivists will keep abreast of any changes in their data bases for historical and organizational purposes only. All data collected is confidential and will not be shared with any other mailing lists.

Please send your email address(es), any changes to your home address, including zip code, and telephone number(s), including area code.

Please list the 65th Infantry Division unit in which you or your veteran served. 

Also, include your spouse.

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Association Membership is open to 65th Infantry Division Veterans.

Extended family of the 65th (18 years or older) may join the Legacy group.

When determining the amount and frequency of your Halbert Magazine donation, please keep in mind that the publication and distribution costs the 65th Infantry Division Association an average of $15-20 per year for each person mailed to.