DVD's produced about the 65th
"The Greatest Honor" by Kane Farabaugh
     "The Greatest Honor" follows a son's last chance to understand the war experience of his father - Illinois farmer John Amm, a U.S. Army veteran of "C" Company of the 260th Infantry Regiment, 65th Infantry Division, a unit at the "tip of the spear" in the Allied push into Germany during the final stages of World War II in Europe.  On the 500 mile path the 65th Division took from Le Havre, France to Linz, Austria, John Amm and his fellow infantrymen witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, and the real cost of war on the people in the towns and camps they liberated.  Mr. Amm remained mostly silent about his experience for almost 70 years, until he agreed to be interviewed for the production of this documentary.  Written, produced, directed, and edited by Emmy award winning producer / director Kane Farabaugh, “The Greatest Honor” details John Amm's silent heroism and the sacrifices of those he served with, and those he liberated, and preserves their stories for posterity through the American Folk life Center's Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress.  To order...email Kane Farabaugh at vaderkane@yahoo.com

Books Written By or About 65th Veterans and Their Experiences

"Fragmentation: The Memories of the 3rd Platoon of I Company 260th Regiment 65th Division" by Joe Windham

Joe "Windy" Windham's story, of his time spent as an infantry rifleman during 29 months in World War II. He writes of discovering the true meaning of camaraderie, tolerance, and equality, as well as the bond of brotherhood between the men of "I" Company, 260th Infantry. Rated 5 Stars on Amazon.com

"A Test of Faith and Courage: Patton's Raiders in WWII" by Oscar B. Ladner

His memoir as a WWII Combat Infantryman, Company G, 260th in Patton's Third Army

"A Soldier's Promise" by Shirley Shipman Johnson & Houston R. Davis

From the website: "The book is based on true life events as told by Alvin and Inez Shipman to their daughter, Shirley, before their deaths n 1979." "Follow Sergeant Alvin W. Shipman during the fourteen months he was part of the final push into Nazi Germany and the liberation of the Nazi death camp called Mauthausen. Find out about the 'promise' Alvin Shipman makes to a prisoner inside Mauthausen, and how a small book produced inside the prison was smuggled out to America (and is now reprinted here in 'A Soldier's Promise')."

Valhalla Finale by Anna Rosmus

In 1945, American intelligence officers debated a "Valhalla Finale" in the Danube region. General Patton was pacing the floor as his men seized the "Regensburg-Passau-Linz Corridor". To indicate the complex operations, Valhalla Finale features photographic impressions from Bavaria's border with Czechoslovakia and Austria. It reflects individual memories and the enormous power that American commanders applied with such remarkable restraint.

"A Cook's Experiences in World War II" by Joseph A "Buck" Craton
Short autobiography excerpt about his experiences as a cook in the U.S. Army

​869FA HQ

General Information

Anna Rosmus of Passau, German

Author of many publications and books. Better known also as the "The Nasty Girl" from the award winning film by the same name. Ms. Rosmus has been interviewed twice by Morley Safer, in 1994 and again in 2000, for '60 Minutes' on CBS and the American Immigration Law Foundation, has a page on their site honoring Anna as one of the 'Immigrants Who Have Benefited America.'

A New Renaissance (link broken...researching...)

An address by Honorable Alben Hopkins, Major General, U.S. Army, to the members of the 65th Division Association meeting on 30 September 1999 at Imperial Palace Hotel, Biloxi, MS.

65th Infantry Division on Military.com

A page where those affiliated with the 65th Infantry Division can connect. Requires account creation/login.

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Armed Forces Links

National World War II Memorial and World War II Registry

     The World War II Memorial honors the 16 million who served in the armed forces of the United States of America, the more than 400.000 who died, and all who supported the war effort from home. Symbolic of the defining event of the 20th Century, the memorial is a monument to the spirit, sacrifice, and commitment of the American people. the Second World War is the only  20th Century event commemorated on the National Mall's central axis.

The World War II Registry is a listing Americans who contributed to the war effort in uniform and on the home front. Make sure that your veteran is honored here!

Dedication of the National World War II Memorial

     Four-day tribute, celebration and dedication of the National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. from May 27-30, 2004

Armed Forces Museum, Camp Shelby, Mississippi- Official Website

    Includes picture of the 65th Division Display

Armed Forces Museum Dedication

     as reported by the 69th Division

Combat Experiences

Photo Album: 65th Infantry Division

     LoneSentry.com    The three men whose names are mentioned in the album are Hy Marinoff, Harold Pinkston and George Misuriello. For the most part it's a series of photos, vaguely identified. Give it a glance- maybe there's a picture of you or your family member? If so, let us know. We're sure the author of the website, John Winwood, would appreciate your assistance.

The 65th as a liberating force...

Mauthausen Concentration Camp

Gunskirchen, Austria

    Sub-Camp of Mauthausen liberated by 71st Infantry Division. Complete pamphlet on the liberation of the camp.

Liberation of Mauthausen (and KZ Gusen I, II & III)
     by Former Staff Sgt. Albert J. Fosiek of 11th Armored Division

Mauthausen-GUSEN International Commemoration May 5-7, 2000

A 65th Infantry Division Officer describes the liberation of Mauthausen

    Cololnel Edmund M.'s Holocaust Testimony (HVT-1219). Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University Library

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

     Page commemorating the 65th Infantry Division as a liberating unit.

The 65th Infantry Division participated in the liberation of German Concentration Camps in:


      Hersbruck LINK 1     LINK 2 (sub-camp of Flosenburg Concentration Camp)

        Mauthausen LINK 1     LINK 2

Searching in the COLLECTIONS section of the museum website, you'll find several other veteran collections available for viewing when visiting the museum.  These include film negatives, memorabilia, photographs and written materials.

        Veterans who have contributed to these collections held by the museum include: Bill Jordy, Robert Cardinell, J. George Mitnick (large collection donated to include uniform items, photographs and memorabilia), Leo Serian, Merrill B. Remick, David John Leslie Pihlstrand, Norman Winiker, Richard Darr, Robert Hasin, Ron Hess, Don Tague, Col. Edmund M., Stanley M., Milton G., 

You can view them by searching "65th Infantry" in the Collections search. VIEW HERE

Travel by the association (see also, reunion pages)

65th Division Association's 60th Anniversary Tour of Europe-Spring 2005

    Photos and write-up of the trip.

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