International Cemeteries

Samuel Adler's (S/SGT 259th) family visits his gravesite

"The small story of this album dedicated to Samuel L Adler A Veteran of 39/45 of the 259th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 65th Infantry Division.
Yesterday by creating my flickr account an American Jeffrey Wagner was looking for someone who could provide him pictures of his grandfather’s grave that he certainly did not know, I could not refuse such a request and go pay tribute to one of these Hero without whom we would certainly speak of Goethe’s language.
In Tradition I sanded his name so that he appeared and dropped a candle at the foot of his grave accompanied by a prayer.
I was taken from some emotion but proud of this little gesture accomplished for an unknown."
-Claude Ferry

My family is beside themselves with joy. This is especially true for my mother. She is now in her mid-70’s and, although she would like to try to get to St. Avold, such a trip would be very hard for her. Attached is a picture of her as a 3 year old, with Sam (her father) and Goldie (her mother). We believe that this picture was taken right before Sam shipped out for the war. The happy little girl in that picture – along with all four of her children and all 10 of her grandchildren – cannot possibly thank you enough.
All our best,

St. Avold, American Cemetery                     Lorraine, France

As shared by Claude Ferry, French photographer

"It is the largest American cemetery in the second World War in Europe. It brings together the graves of many American soldiers, including many aviators. Most of the them fell during battles in the border regions and during the conquest of the Rhine. A memorial chapel with five "allegoriques"  statues symbolizes the eternal struggle for freedom. The South wall is adorned with a huge map that takes over the different phases of the fighting. B visiting it, it is not uncommon to hear English, because it is a place of pilgrimage for many soldiers from the Atlantic with their families. The venue also organizes every year in May a memorial day to commemorate these men from afar to fight alongside the French. This is a high point of testimony and commemoration."​​

There are 65th Infantry Division soldiers who lay at rest in international cemeteries. Next to the KIA & DOW names list where they may be buried internationally.

Below, you'll find some stories and photo albums related to those international locations.​