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​​The 65th Halbert - Official Magazine of the 65th Infantry Division Association

Produced annually, you'll find updates on your fellow veterans, shared stories, reunion highlights and more! Legacy members will enjoy family stories and organization history.

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We ask for donations toward the publication. Donation forms here. You can elect to receive the Halbert electronically, but we ask for regular donations to keep the Halbert mailed to veterans and to defray costs involved.

Suggested donation is $20 annually to help cover the costs of printing and shipping. We're a volunteer organization and printing costs are higher than your regular magazines. We hope to offer an electronic version in the future.

What will you read about in the Halbert?

Here's a sample of what was in our 2019 edition:

2019 Reunion details

2018 Reunion recap, highlights and color photos

Highlights of the Membership meeting

"A Day in My Life as a Combat Soldier" -Robert Morgenweck

"And So Went the War...and its Aftermath" -Sheldon Strauss

"In Step with Ben Diaz...Pt II"

Book Reviews

From your historian..."Five Star Generals/ Fleet Admirals" & "German Artillery Compass"

"What My Dad Told Me" Submitted by Jean Pullin, daughter of Chuck Manausa

"Proudly They Serve our Country-Grandsons of Irvin Dvorak"

"What We Did Growing Up with the 65th Infantry Division Family" -daughter of Hugo Renzetti

"Liberating the Camps" -reprinted by permission


Want to contribute to the content of the Halbert?

Your veteran's stories, photos and memorabilia are items we want to share with the association. No story or sharing is too small or too long!

Maybe you want to share your family history research tips? Many of us are in the same "boat" of researching the history of our 65th veterans. If you have some hints or tips we'd love to learn from them. Maybe your experience will help others.

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