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William E Burke photo memories

Shared by his grandson Griffin Perry

“He served during World War II but I never knew what unit he served with. Unfortunately he passed away in 2011 but I have a few pictures of him and possibly others in the unit. I'm pretty sure, judging by his patch, that he served in the 65 ID.

My grandfather, William Burke, was a medic while serving with the 65th and was awarded the bronze star and I have the citation for it that explains what he received it for."

Edward Schroeder

259th Infantry, Company I

Shared by his son, Robert Schroeder...

"He was a Sergeant for a 60mm mortar squad and fought in three major battles.  The photos are of him in training, France and after the war in the Liberty Club in Germany."

Tom Mahovlich photo memories

Shared by his good friend Ray Schepper

“Tom  was a dear friend who didn't have any family but we did consider him part of our family.”.  

James Michael "Mike" Harrigan


Digital copy of Mike's scrapbooks and photo albums, shared by his grandson Thomas Cregon

Seven Jeeps Story

Compiled by Joan Pratt

“A Compilation of the Memoirs of the men of the I&R Platoon, Headquarters Company, 261st Infantry Regiment, 65th Infantry Division”.  

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Daniel C. Stamer

MP Platoon

A digital scrapbook created by his son, Jeff Stamer, called "My Dad's Secret War"


Chuck Manausa

259th Infantry, Company H

Shared by himself