Gemeinhardt, Otto


    shared by his son Charlie Gemeinhardt


   "fun fact about the Gemeinhardts...Otto met his bride while at Camp Shelby. She was working on the base, they met and the rest is history! Otto writes some lovely notes to his new bride on the back of his pictures."

 Ron Locke

 265th Engineer, Company A

  ​US Reenactors in Germany

  Shared by Thorsten Blaschke

  "Dear Ms. Phillips,

My I introduce myself.   My Name is Thorsten Blaschke and I am an US Reenactor in Germany. I meet personally Bob Patton twice and his daughter ( Anna ?)    First time I meet him at Passau and years later at Landshut and Regensburg
Now we are portraying the 65th ID again at a historical parade at Beratzhausen near Regensburg next week. We know the 65th was there around the 04/23/1945.
If you would like I can send you some Photos.   Greetings form Bavaria, Thorsten

Dear Christine,   as I promised some pictures from the historical parade at Beratzhausen.  It was Beratzhausens 1150th anniversary of the foundation of the town.
Best, Thorsten"


 Benigno "Ben" Diaz


    shared by his son Ben Diaz

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  ​A Felder Phillips

 261st Infantry, Antitank HQ 2BN

 Shared by himself, his son Bill Phillips and granddaughter Christine Phillips

  "He did occupation duty with them until he found out about the ship set to return the Army K-9s + privately owned dogs like his Alma to the states.  He then managed to be assigned to that ship as a dog caretaker and that’s how he got home and that’s a whole good story that needs to get out there."

​Below, Felder's story about his remarkable European boxer adopted during war time while in Austria. (click on the picture)