Al Martin

260th, Co K

Shared by son John Martin

   Ralph Nelson

259th Infantry, Co K, 3 BN

Shared by son Brian Nelson

   2d Lt William Mazer

260st, Rgt 1st Bn

Shared by son Mark Mazer

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   Unknown soldier - DO YOU KNOW HIM?

Shared by library volunteer in Colorado   

" I found a photo of a gentleman in uniform with a Combat Infantry Badge and a 65th Infantry Division shoulder patch. I have no idea who he was or if this is something you would want to archive. I found it in an 1851 Dictionary of Shakespearian Quotations. The page just inside the cover is inscribed (as far as I can tell): J. Alexander Esq with comps of the publisher Charlottesville Oct 12 1851 Along with the photo was a snapshot of a woman and a little girl in shallow water in a lake or in the ocean. The back of the snapshot reads: This is a Kodacolor print made by Eastman Kodak Company T. M. Regis. U. S. Pat. Off. Week of July 16, 1951"

   Ed Lewis


Shared by son Ed Lewis

   Pvt (Duncan) Malcolm MacLeod

Shared by daughter Barbara Ennis

   Richard Neuhart

260th Infantry, Hdq Co, 1st Bn

Shared by himself and his wife

   Ernest Rollin Marcelain

Shared by son Mike Marcelain