William King

Shared by grandson Rick Shea

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   1LT Fred Kohl

259th, Co K

Shared by friend Nick Cammaroto

Information shared about photo number 1:

Good evening 65th family! Nick Cammaroto here (grandson of Raymond Cammaroto 259K) and I've got a quick story. I was going through the basement digging through boxes and in a box among papers, travel tickets, and a few keepsakes from around the world I found a "chunk of rock" I asked my father what it was, he said that while in Germany as a Federal Agent he was able to drive around some over his stay. He noticed the dragons teeth and pillboxes....he was on the Siegfried Line. He got out, took a hammer and banged off this chunk. Some 30 years later we stood there and thought the same thing, the men of the 65th have more a right to it than we do. After all, you took it....so we gave it back. Pictured below is 1Lt Fred Kohl who has been a dear friend and my "adopted grandfather", since my own passed, for over 9 years! (To an 18 year old, that's a lot!) he commanded 2nd platoon of K Company in the 259th regiment in the 65th next to my grandfather's in 3rd. He received it by mail this past week. In a nutshell, despite the big push in March 1945, the 65th has successfully re-taken the Siegfried Line! Now THAT is a right to be proud! Lastly, never forget the brave heroes who fell for that little chunk of rock, and freedom around the globe. May God keep them as they rest in paradise.

2nd photo:

Evening all! Nick Cammaroto here (Grandson of Raymond Cammaroto, 259K 3rd Platoon) thought you might want to see this. 2nd Platoon of Company K 259th Infantry Regiment- I scanned this photo from Lt Fred Kohl's copy who was the platoon leader and a life long friend of mine since 2009 before rte West Point Reunion! I went out to visit him in Early January and will write an article for the halbert if allowed :)

Dedicated in Special Memory of and with Utmost Reverence to the men of 2nd Platoon who gave the ultimate Sacrifice-

-PFC Ralph A Cuca, KIA March 15th, 1945 in Saarlautern, Germany: Buried in the American Cemetery in Luxembourg.

-PFC Oscar A Wilson, KIA March 15th, 1945 in Saarlautern, Germany: Buried in Cunningham Memorial Park Saint Albans, West Virginia.-Sgt Horrell E Baker, KIA April 21st, 1945 in Nuemarkt, Germany: Buried in Devine Evergreen Cemetery Devine, Texas

   John B Law

259th, Co E

Shared by son Peter Law


   Hugh Keating

261st, Co D

Shared by grandson Pat Keating

   Raymond G Cammaroto

​259th, CO K

Shared by grandson Nick Cammaroto

     Nick has an amazing collection of WWII memorabilia, starting with his grandfathers items and 65th Infantry Division and expanded with many others! This is just a small portion of what he's collected. He shared these items with the association during the Washington DC reunion 2014.