William J Roberts Jr

261st Infantry, HQ Company

Shared by his son Jon Roberts

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   Stanley W Hojnacki

​260th, Company C

Shared by his son Ken Hojnacki

Group picture notes:

"My father with some of his buddies, presumably also from Co C 260th. Not sure where it was taken. My father is in the middle of the second row; the man second from left in last row is Lyman Johnson, a MSgt, I believe."

​Linz, Austria picture notes:

"Here is Dad in Linz, Austria with captured boats on the Danube. An iron cross pennant from one has been donated to the museum at Camp Shelby."

   Jesse Gerald Taylor

​259th Infantry, Company C

Shared by his son Chip Taylor

"He was severely wounded just days before the war ended and spent months in the hospital, eventually discharged (medical" at Camp Atterbury, Indiana in September 1945."

   Morton Snow

259th, Company L

Shared by his son Gary Snow