John A Dorso

​259th, Company L

Shared by his son Matt Dorso

  John Amm

260th Infantry, Company C

Shared by his son, Roger Amm and documentarian Kane Farabaugh

​Kane worked with Roger to preserve John Amm's story and history, along with the history of the 65th Infantry Division. You can find a link to his DVD "The Greatest Honor" on our LINKS page.

   John Hohenstein

​260th, Company K

Shared by his son John Hohenstein

Regensburg, Germany picture notes: "They'd taken Regensburg that morning."

​Berka, Germany picture notes: "The 65th had moved into reserve for a couple of days at Berka after the battles at Langensalza and Struth a few days earlier."

   MSGT Cedric S Baldwin "Ric"

​259th, E Company

Shared by his son John Baldwin

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   Hugo J Renzetti

​259th, Company L

Shared by his grandson Daniel Hanudel and daughter Susan Theisen

   Herman Bowers "M1 Memories"

261st, L Company 3rd Battalion

Compiled by son Doug Bowers

As shared in the Garand Collectors Association Journal, "Members Moment" page. 

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