Norvin D McClure "Mac"

260th Infantry Regiment, HQ2

 Shared by Norvin

  ​Elmer Krou Jr

 3rd Platoon Sgt., Company L, 260th Infantry Regiment

 Shared by son Stephen Krou

  Two page story written by Elmer... CLICK HERE

  ​Herbert P Giorgio

2Hq261, A&P

 Shared by daughter MaryGrace Dyleski

MaryGrace shared a lovely poem written by her father after V.E. Day about the men in his platoon... (CLICK HERE)


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  ​Irvin Dvorak

261st Infantry, Medical

 Shared by daughter Barbara Russell

  ​Bernard M. Brill

 3rd Battalion, 261st Infantry, Company L

 Shared by daughter Lisa R Brill-Nadler


​AND, a very special story written by Lisa about finding her father's friend, Stanley Gober, KIA. (CLICK HERE)

To Honor Our Fallen: Purple Hearts of America's Servicemen 

This page contains the stories of servicemen killed in action in the European Theater of Operation (ETO) in World War II.  This includes those killed in the North African and Italian Campaigns as well as the Western and Central European Campaigns.  I have divided the World War II section into European and Pacific Theater sections because of the size and scope of the war.  In all, almost 400,000 Americans were killed in action during World War II.  American involvement officially lasted from 7 December 1941 to September 1945, even though US forces were fighting and dying both before and after these dates.

Soldiers stories listed: T/5 Edward J. Dowling, HQ, 261st

View here...