Early Reunions

Do you have information on the first years of the 65th Division Association Reunions?

Do you have photographs or mementos from them?

Please share them so we can create the legacy of a 65th Infantry Division Association digital archive!

1951- First reunion held in New York City

   Fun fact: three years were skipped before things got going...

20th Anniversary Reunion, September 20 & 21, 1963 - Belmont Plaza Hotel, NY

   Fun fact: At this reunion, veterans celebrated the 20th anniversary of the creation of the unit.

August 14 & 15, 1964 - Pick Congress Hotel, Chicago IL

August 13 & 14, 1965 - Sheraton Park Hotel and Motor Inn, Washington DC

August 12 & 13, 1966- Dinkler-Andrew Jackson Hotel, Nashville TN

    Fun fact: Room rates for a twin bed room was $11 a night!

August 11 & 12, 1967- Pick Roosevelt Hotel, Pittsburg PA

August 15-17, 1968- Sheraton Park Hotel and Motor Inn, Washington DC

   Fun fact: This reunion celebrated the 25th anniversary of the activation of the unit.  This was the year that the 65th Division Association presented to the Tomb of the Unknown at Arlington National Cemetery. Three generals attended-Major General S.E. Reinhart, Brigadier General Ronald C. Brock, and Brigadier General Leo T. McMahon.

August 15 & 16, 1969 - Sheraton Cleveland Hotel, Cleveland OH

August 14 & 15, 1970- Holiday Inn West, Richmond VA

August 13 & 14, 1971- Marriott Motor Hotel, Philadelphia PA

   Fun fact: At this reunion, guests attended a service at Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge, PA to honor PFC Frederick Murphy, the divisions only Congressional Medal of Honor. 

August 18 & 19, 1972- Atlanta American Motor Hotel, Atlanta GA

August 17 & 18, 1973- Holiday Inn #2, Charleston WV

Return trip to Europe-  retrace unit's route from France through Germany to Austria

August 16 & 17, 1974- Sheraton Jefferson, St Louis MO

August 15 & 16, 1975-Hilton Inn, Winston-Salem NC

May 30, 1976-The 65th Infantry Division returns to Europe- visiting battlefields-Saarlautern, Dillingen, Mainz, Mulhausen, Berks and Regensburg plus others

August 12-14, 1976 - Sheraton Oak Brook Motor Hotel, Oak Brook IL

Fun fact: After over 30 years of deactivation, a record number of vets and their families attended this reunion. Over 240 guests attended the banquet dinner.

August 25-27, 1977- Sheraton Hartford, Hartford CT

25th Reunion...August 10-12, 1978- Hilton Inn at the Airport, Indianapolis IN

September 20-22, 1979- American Motor Hotel, Atlanta GA

Remembering: Fun quote from the reunion advertisement in the Halbert "Happy Hour...with free hors d'oeuvres and drinks less than a dollar!"

   And another remembering: Department of the Army Salute the 65th...(taken from the Halbert in 1979) "A couple of weeks prior to this year's  reunion, we received the following letter from Robert A. Sullivan, Brigadier General, US Army, Chief of Public Affairs in the office of the Secretary of the Army: 'On behalf of the Department of the Army, it gives me great pleasure to asulte you on the occasion of your reunion. As you gather in the spirit of camaraderie, each of you may take pride in knowing that your personal contribution was instrumental in mantainin tfreedom and the Amerian way of life for future generations. Your reunion signifies a continuing patriotic concern for our coutry and serves as a source of inspiration to the soldiers of today's Army. My bst wishes for a most memorable affair.'

August 21-23, 1980 -Executive Tower Inn, Denver CO

October 22-24, 1981-Causeway Inn, Tampa FL

August 26-29, 1982 - Mark Plaza Hotel, Milwaukee WI

August 25-27, 1983- Stouffer's Bedford Glen Hotel, Bedford MA

September 13-15, 1984 -Howard Johnson Motor Lodge and the Days Inn (plus several others!!!), Hattiesburg MS

   Fun fact: At this reunion, there was a record number of first time attendees. Many attended for the dedication of the 65th Memorial at Camp Shelby.

September 5-7, 1985- Quality Inn and Francis Marion Ramada Hotel, Charleston NC

September 11-13, 1986- Nugget Hotel & Casino, Sparks (Reno) NV

September 10-12, 1987- Adams Mark Hotel, Kansas City MO

   Remembering: Jo Kushlis (Co I., 260th) retires after 25 years as the Halbert Editor

August 17-20, 1988- Hyatt Regency, Louisville KY