65th Infantry Division recognition plaque at the Kirchham Concentration Camp

At the time of the Kirchham Camp liberation there were about 2000 German, 1500 Russian and 7500 Hungarian prisoners. Lt. Frank Hamburger's platoon with only 63 men of Company C, 260th Reg., were responsible for guarding this large group of armed Hungarians. This was also the location of a military airport near Pocking, Germany.

The bronze, outdoor, 16" x 12" liberation plaque was dedicated on May 6, 2011, on the location where many deceased children, borne of inmates, area also buried. The area also hosts other significant memorials and monuments, Roy Heatherly and Robert Patton presented a beautiful blue and white floral arrangement in the shape of a Halbert for the ceremony in which Anton Freudenstein, the Mayor of Kirchham participated. Helmut Kepler, the mayor of Pocking, gave the welcome address, followed by appropriate remarks made by Brig. Gen. Stanley Reinhart, Jr whose father commanded the 65th Division.

Lena Altweger played the flute, providing the music that accompanied the ceremony. An inmate at Kirchham, Lena's grandfather had pointed out a safe way for the 65th to get into Furstenzell.

Photo 1: Anna Rosmus, Honorary Member of the 65th Division Association, standas with Helmut Krepler, who is the Mayor of Pocking, Germany. Bend them stands Lena Altweger, the granddaughter of a former inmate who played the flute for the ceremony.

Photo 2: Lena Altweger (Who also happens to be Anna Rosmus's sister's niece) listens as Brig. Gen. Stanley Reinhart, Jr. delivers his remarks.

65th Infantry Division recognition plaque at the Haid Concentration Camp

This was the location of an Allied Prisoner of War Camp. At the time of liberation it is estimated there were 500 Slovaks, 66 British, 4 Americans, 200 French, 500 Russians, 300 Poles, and Yugoslavs being kept POWs here. The location is now a part of Ansfelden near Linz.

The bronze liberation plaque, 18" x 14", was dedicated in a beautiful ceremony in an auditorium near the camp location. Over 300 people were in attendance for the formal and impressive ceremony. Both the local city chorus and band, in celebration of the occasion, provided musical entertainment. In addition to the Mayor Manfred Baumberger, the Governor of Upper Austria. Joseph Puhringer, PhD, addressed the group.

Photo 1: Presentation by Robert Patton on May 9, 2011, of the 65th Infantry Division recognition plaque for the Haid Allied PW Camp liberation to the Mayor of Ansfelden, Manfred Baumberger. The main address for the occasion was provided by the Governor of Upper Austria, Joseph Puhringer, PhD.

Photo 2: Over 300 people attended the presentation of the 65th Infantry Division recognition plaque for the liberation of the Allied PW Camp located in Haid (Ainsfelden), Austria. Joseph Puhringer, PhD., Governor of Upper Austria, is holding one of the 65th Division books presented to him, "Right to be Proud."

65th Infantry Division recognition plaque at the Plattling Concentration Camp

This was a sub-camp of Flossenburg, that was near Plattling and the Isar River which is located between Regensburg and Passau, Germany. It is reported that there were over 500 inmates, 400 more in nearby Ganacker, plus a multitude of different nationality stragglers escaping from death marches. Anna Rosmus provides an entire chapter in her book, Wintergreen, about the Haid Camp. At the time of our arrival the German Guards had already departed and all the prisoners had been released. Since we had many different units in this area, many of us were involved in providing humanitarian services to the people involved. The 65th Infantry division Hdqs, 259th Infantry Regment Hqs and 3rd Bn Hqs of the 260th Reg were all located in this village on May 1, 1945. Later this location accommodated about 8,000 SS PWs.

The bronze outdoor plaque, about 16" x 12", was dedicated on May 1, 2011, and is located in a beautiful well maintained burial area of the St. Jacob-Basilica Cemetery where there is a large memorial monument located that is in memory of the Jewish inmates who died there. The 65th Division plaque is mounted on a stone and located in a very special area with a stone border, appropriate accompanying shrubs, and flowers. At the dedication ceremony the Mayor, Erich Schmid, was present with the city council, and welcomed the presence of everyone.

65th Infantry Division recognition plaque at the Hersbruck Concentration Camp

Bronze plaque recognizing the liberation of the Hersbruck Concentration Camp by the 65th Infantry Division to be installed as part of a Memorial Pavilion honoring those who lost their lives there. This liberation was accomplished on April 20-21, 1945, by several members of K Company, 261st Infantry Regiment.

Peter Schon, Chairman, der Dokumentationsstatte KZ Hersbruck, presents the plaque to the public explaining that it is to be part of the Memorial Pavilion slated for completion in 2011.

65th Infantry Division marble recognition plaque at the Mauthausen Concentration Camp

The Memorial Day procession at Mauthausen Concentration Camp, attended by over 15,000 people on May 8, 2011, was led by eight former inmates and three veterans of Patton's Third Army (in wheelchairs).

Roy Heatherly (65th Division), Roger Mockford (11th Armored Division) and Robert Patton (65th Division).

Also Included in the photo are Brig. Gen. Stanley Reinhart (Ret.) and US Ambassador, William Eacho, from Vienna, Austria.