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Combat History of the 65th Division in WWII
500+ pages

Compiled by: Robert H Cardinell,    Division historian 19?? to 19??

Includes combat routes by unit, many battle reports, maps, casualties (KIA, WIA, and MIA), historical accounts by three German historians, a complete copy of Sgt. Bill Jordy's "Right to be Proud" (available separately from our book section) and much, much more.

65th Division at German Concentration Camps & End of War
300 pages
Compiled by Robert Cardinell, Division Historian 19?? to 19??
Covers the 65th Infantry Division at Ohrdruf, Hersbruck, and Mauthausen. Includes experiences at end of war, meeting the Russians, repatriation of camp inmates, German POWs, and Displaced Persons in the summer of 1945. The names of 283 men of the 65th Division and 41 Concentration Camp inmates are included.
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover

Pictorial History by the Men- WWII 65th Division
200+ pages                          More than 1000 names and hundreds more in group pictures.
Compiled by Robert Cardinell, Division Historian 19?? to 19??
Hundreds of photos collected from activation through deactivation 1943-1945, Camp Shelby to Linz & Enns, Austria. Other organizational structure info of the Division, casualties, brief history, and Adolf Hitler day photos are included. Unfortunately, most of the photos are copies and many are blurred.
$18 Softcover/ $30 Hardcover

Letters From the Men & More
350 pages                 420 Men plus hundreds more in reports
From activation at Camp Shelby to occupation in Germany. Includes names of those who received battlefield awards and promotions.
$25 Software/ $37 Hardcover

U.S. 65th Infantry Division in WWII
225 pages       Both German & American Stories
Compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian from 19?? to 19??
Covers only sites or areas where stories or history have been written covering both the actions of the 65th Division and the German defenders and in some cases, attackers. Included are 13 pages of 687 names, American (569) & Non-American (118) in alphabetical order that provide the page number where they are mentioned in the book.
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover

Men of the 65th Infantry Division "Interactions"
250+ pages     400 Names
Compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian 19?? to 19??
The war is over. Stories of interactions with civilians, concentration camp inmates and German prisoners. Operation of POW camps and meeting the Russians--Friendly at first, then some hostilities. These informative "Interaction" stories describe the human events which are not often documented in the more structured history books on the war.
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover

Just Good Stories...Three Volumes
All three volumes compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian 19?? to 19??
Volume 1    250 pages
Combat and early occupation experiences. These are personal combat stories from 100 men of the 65th. The names of 450 men in the 65th Division are included.
$20 Softcover/ $32 Hardcover
Volume 2   360 pages
More good stories that didn't make it into Volume 1. Volume 2 begins with activation of the division, shipment overseas, through combat, into occupation, and to deactivation. Stories in this volume are from 151 men of the 65th Division and mention the names of 656 men.
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover
Volume 3   400 pages
Covers the entire time of the 65th Division in WWII. Excerpts are included of two books concerning the actions of the 65th. These pertain to "Headquarters Co. 2nd Bn. 260th Infantry" and the "Struth" battle that includes both actions of American & German forces. None of the stories included in Just Good Stories Volumes 1 & 2 are duplicated in this volume. The names of 596 men in the 65th are included in Volume 3.
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover

Awards, Honors & Recognitions
170 pages
Compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian 19?? to 19??
A special book compiled for family members of 65th men. Informaton is provided on the KIA (Killed in Action) and the WIA (Wounded in Action) and wehre they are buried if they are buried in Europe. The locations, with photos, are included of all plaques and notices of 65th Division recognitions. Medals awarded and the many Rights to be Proud are provided with additional applicable information. There are 986 names of 65th Division men included with an alphabetical listing and page number provided in the index. All families of 65th Division men should have a copy of this book.
$20 Softcover/ $32 Hardcover

Right to Be Proud
36 pages
by Sgt. Bill Jordy, published in 1945
Originally printed in  The Halbert, this is a brief history of the Division from the arrival in Le Havre through deactivation in Austria.

Post WWII War Adventures by 65th Division Men & How They Got Home
190 pages
Compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian from 19?? to 19??
Short and long accounts written by men detailing their adventures when the war ended. Many young members were transferred home to participate in the invasion of Japan. Others attended schools in Europe, experiencing vacations to Switzerland, France, England, etc. or transferred to older combat divisions (25% to the 9th Division). Includes 125 short accounts of experiences from the war end to their return home. Over 415 Division men are mentioned that are alphabetically listed with the applicable page number.
$20 Softcover/ $32 Hardcover

Family Series
History, personal stories, experiences and events relative to each unit.
Compiled by Robert H. Cardinell, Division Historian from 19?? to 19??
259th Infantry Regiment       242 pages
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover
260th Infantry Regiment     362 pages
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover
261st Infantry Regiment    435 pages
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover
HQs., Special Troops and Separate Units    364 pages
$25 Softcover/ $37 Hardcover

All older Halberts on one searchable DVD: Volume 1, No 1-Fall 1963 through Volume 59-Spring 2018