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Enjoy shared memories, friendship and travel in a new location each year. We explore military history, museums and local attractions...and some really great meals together.

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65th Infantry Division - VETERANS

We invite all veterans who were members of the 65th Infantry Division. Join our Veteran's membership whether you can attend reunions or not. We want to stay in touch with you!

"Membership in the 65th Division Association shall be extended to any person who has served with the 65th Infantry Division and any attached  troops during World War II, or during  any later reactivation of the 65th Division as an active, reserve, or National Guard unit." 

Please send us a picture of yourself in service, share memories of your time in the 65th and your life since!

Legacy or Veteran...

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You can choose Lifetime Membershipor to pay membership annually. Membership fee does not include the subscription to our annual Halbert Publication.

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Families, we WANT YOU!

Families of Veterans - LEGACY GROUP

FAMILIES...you are the future of our 65th Infantry Division! 

Join our association and share the stories of the men of the 65th. We're researching the history, sharing stories and pictures and sharing the legacy of what these men we're so proud of did in WWII.

Our association consists of nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, grandkids and children of our 65th Veterans. We have Gold Star families who are members. We've all joined to keep this legacy alive, make new friends and share in our combined heritage.


Legacy membership qualifications:

Either you are a blood relative of a vet -child, grandchild (or great grandchild), niece/nephew (or great niece/nephew), etc.


you are legally related to a vet- spouse, adopted child or grandchild/great-grandchild, son or daughter in-law, etc.

If you fit into one of these categories, or think you may, see our membership forms.