President Charlie Gemeinhardt  (President 2019-2020 and 2020-2021)

A little bit about Charlie...

"Several years after his  father, 1st Sergeant Otto Gemeinhardt, HQ Company, 260th Regiment, passed away  he became quite interested in World War II.  While attending the 2004 dedication events for World War II Memorial in D.C., Charlie and his wife Carol   learned of the 65th Infantry Division Association.  It was not until 2015 they attended their  first reunion, the New Orleans/Camp Shelby Reunion.    A short two years later at the Boston reunion Charlie was elected 2nd Vice President.  He is looking forward to seeing and meeting many more Legacy members as the association moves forward into a new phase  as we are “Right to Be Proud’  decedents of our Greatest Generation Veterans."

Why did you become a Legacy Member?

“The best way to describe attending your first Association Reunion is when you arrive you are greeted as if you are a long lost family member.  That truly is what the association is - a family of WWII veterans and family members that have a unique common bond.  I have somewhat of a unique reason for my desire to perpetuate the memory of the 65th Division.  My Dad was a original member of the 65th when it was activated at Camp Shelby.  Shortly after arriving at Camp Shelby he met his bride to be, Loyette,  who was the PX manager of the division’s PX and they were married in the 260th Infantry Regiment’s Chapel at Camp Shelby.  Consequently both of my parents had a bond to the 65th.

Over the next three years, 2018-2020, we will celebrate and remember  the Legacy of the 65th during it’s 75th Anniversary Years.  With the dedication and participation of current and future Legacy members we will carry the banner - Right to Be Proud -  in honor of our loved ones who fought for the freedoms we hold so dear today”

Serving 2019 - 2020

Front Row:

Barbara DuBois Russell – Corresponding Secretary; Sibyl Ream - Treasurer; Jean Pullin – Past President; Jackie Hanson – Association Administrator and Halbert Editor and Jim Hanson - Historian.

Middle Row:

Charlie Gemeinhardt - President; Yessica Diaz - Secretary; Christine Phillips – Social Media Administrator and David Ream – Vice President.

Back Row:

Benny Diaz – Merchandise Chair; Lisa Brill-Nadler – Membership Chair; Debbie McNiff – Halbert Editor; Bill Phillips - Chaplain; Eran Nadler – Sergeant at Arms and Steve Schell – Social Media Administrator. 

Not pictured: Anne Patton – History Books Chair. 

Charlie Gemeinhardt
Vice President
David Ream

Yessica Diaz
Sibyl Ream

Sergeant at Arms
Eran Nadler
ChaplainBill Phillips
Association AdministratorJackie Hanson

Corresponding Secretary/

Parchment Committee Chair

Barbara DuBois Russell
Halbert Magazine Publisher & EditorDebbie McNiff
Halbert Magazine Co-editor
Jackie Hanson
Membership ChairLisa Brill -Nadler
Merchandise Chair
Ben Diaz
History Book ChairAnne Patton
Jim Hanson
Social Media Administrators

Christine Phillips

Steve Schell

Past President
Jean Pullin

Current Officers of the 65th Division Association