After they returned from WWII, veterans of the 65th wanted to maintain the close relationships they had developed with their comrades-in-arms and to honor the memories of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. They formed the 65th Division Association and began holding annual reunions in 1951.

For more than 55 years, reunions were only open to the vets. In 2010, due to the health and age of veterans caused membership in the association to decline, the 65th Veterans (along with their children, grandchildren and other family) decided that the legacy of the division hinged on passing membership and leadership to the following generations.

After two years spent organizing, at the Branson, MO reunion, it was voted to form a sub-group of the association called the 65th Division Legacy Group to include blood relatives and those legally related to the veterans. The goal of the sub-group was to eventually pass the leadership and responsibilities of running the association to the younger generations. 

Legacy membership has grown every year since and, as of 2016, Legacy members serve in all of the division executive board positions. We're thrilled with the way the Legacy has grown, but feel that we could have so many more members. The challenge...getting out the message to those who are eligible!

So, once you've realized that you're qualified to be a Legacy Group Member, and complete your membership form then we invite you to attend one of our annual reunions. We guarantee  it will only take one reunion and you'll be hooked on the friendships, fun and shared memories...just like the veterans we represent and honor!

Each year we explore different locales, we create friendships and have a great time. We guarantee one reunion is all it will'll be hooked. The reunions are lots of fun, exploring history and visiting with friends who quickly become 65th family filled with 65th Veterans and their families. 

Current and Past Officers of the here

Produced annually, you'll find updates on your fellow veterans, shared stories, reunion highlights and more! Legacy members will enjoy family stories and organization history.

We ask for donations toward the publication. Donation forms here. You can elect to receive the Halbert electronically, but we ask for regular donations to keep the Halbert mailed to veterans and to defray costs involved.

Suggested donation is $20 annually to help cover the costs of printing and shipping.

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The 65th Halbert - Official Magazine of the 65th Division Association

Families of Veterans - LEGACY GROUP

Legacy membership qualifications:

Either you are a blood relative of a vet -child, grandchild (or great grandchild), niece/nephew (or great niece/nephew), etc.


you are legally related to a vet- spouse, adopted child or grandchild/great-grandchild, son or daughter in-law, etc.

If you fit into one of these categories, or think you may, see our membership forms.

65th Infantry Division Association

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2017 REUNION in BOSTON, only days away..

August 31 to September 4, 2017

Watch for details of 2018 to be posted soon!

Enjoy shared memories, friendship and travel in a new location each year. We explore military history, museums and local attractions...and some really great meals together.

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65th Infantry Division - VETERANS

We invite all veterans who were members of the 65th Infantry Division. Join our Veteran's membership, and our reunions.

"Membership in the 65th Division Association shall be extended to any person who has served with the 65th Infantry Division and any attached  troops during World War II, or during  any later reactivation of the 65th Division as an active, reserve, or National Guard unit." 

Please send us a picture of yourself in service, share memories of your time in the 65th and your life since!